6 Must Have Portrait Photography Poses

Photography, a unique and impactful art form, stands as a testament to time, capturing the most significant moments in life. It serves as a beautiful memento of various events, be it a wedding, a family reunion, or the intimate moments of preparation for a big occasion.

In this blog post, I aim to delve deeper into this topic. I will share six portrait photography examples that you should consider including in your wedding day shot list. These images, carefully chosen and thoughtfully presented, can help to create a stunning and memorable collection of moments that you and your loved ones can look back on with fondness and warmth for years to come.

Couple poses

The classic couple portrait:

Standind side by side, with arms wrapped around each other with head resting on shoulder or hands on shoulder. This is a simple pose that is natural as well, it brings out the emotion of a gentle love & longing.

The First Look:

Here's where the magic really happens. This intimate, emotional pose captures that breathtaking moment when you see your partner for the first time on your special day. Whether it's in a room, a lush garden, outdoors or in a grand room filled with intricate details, this pose is guaranteed to evoke pure happiness, joy, and of course, lots of smiles and tears of joy.

First Dances

The Bride and Father Dance or:

These shots are emotional and a must have during a wedding if there is a first dance. Whether it's a simple dance floor in a backyard, church, or grand ballroom, these poses are a tribute to the bride and her father.

The Bride/or Groom and Mother Dance or

This is another emtional moment, as this pose is a tribute to the mother (of the bride or of the groom).

The newlyweds

The shots after the couple have been deemed newlyweds, are also powerful as these highlight the couples love between each other as they celebrate thier unity & love for each other. These shots can be grand with luxurious setting that frames the couples or a smaller setting where family can gather around the couple.

The guest shots

Let's not forget to capture shots of the guests reactions of the couple getting married. Sometimes as photographers we get caught in the moment of trying to capture the moments of the couple. Let's also capture the moments of guests' reactions, they are important family and friends to the couple. Even the bridal party! Capture they're reactions!

These are just a few must have shots to keep into consideration for your next wedding!