Death Valley Must See Spots

Death valley is a place of extremes! The name alone should say it's not a place to be messed around with. Its a place of extreme temperatures and being the lowest point (sitting right at sea level!).

Yet Death Valley holds some of the most breathtaking views & photo spots. From sand dunes, to salt flats, to craters & scenic view points, & much MUCH more!

I stayed at Furance Creek Campground in Death Valley National Park this past week. Due to it being summer, the front enterance office was closed. I didn't have to pay an enterance fee since this is a National Park. I did however pay for my 2 night stay in the campground.

Mosaic Canyon Trail

The first place I went to see was Mosaic Canyon Trailhead.

Mosaic Canyon is only 27miles from Furance Creek Camp

Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes

Sand Dunes are 23miles from Furance Creek Camp

Recommended to bring a sled or boogie board to ride down the sand dunes!

Badwater Basin & Devil's Golfcourse

Basin is 14 miles from Furance Creek Camp

Devil's Golf Course 9.2 miles from Camp

Artist's Pallette/ Artist's Drive

Artist's Palette is 14 miles from Furance Creek Camp

Nevada & Death Valley Sign

Both signs are roughly  68 miles from Furance Creek Camp

Alien Rock

Threw in a bonus, a oblong rock formation we found while driving on our way to badbasin!

Angels Ladies - Nevada

Both signs are roughly 43 miles from Furance Creek Camp