Behind the camera

Love + Life Photographer in Fallbrook, California

Hi, my name is

Sophia Rybicki.

You can call me Sophie!  (since we'll be friends)

Owner, Lead Photographer, rocker chick, 26-year-old 5-foot kid at heart

My style of photography goes beyond the traditional posed shots, delving into intimate, candid & sometimes chaotic moments that make family life unique. Whether it’s a quiet connection of a couple holding hands while watching their children play, or a somber moment a family, or father walking his daughter down the aisle, these photos tell a story of timeless love, togetherness & unity. I believe that each picture serves as a joyful journey back in time, helping families or soulmates relive those moments. 

Each photo I take can serve as a powerful reminder of the importance of family bonds and the strength found in shared experiences.  I  highlight the small, everyday moments that might otherwise be forgotten in the hustle and bustle of life. For couples who prioritize their family, investing in love. Love & Life photography is not just about creating beautiful images; but honoring their commitment to each other and their family, and celebrating the love that holds them together.

Personality - sound like we'd get along?

I am a down-to-earth soul with very serene calming personality. Growing up, it was hard for me to establish connections with other kids because I would be too shy to talk. Through photography I've been able to overcome my shyness and be able to talk with people. There are times where I still get a bit shy but don't let that hold me back from being me :)

Photo style?

My photo style is on the vintage side with moody undertones. I stray away from the golden vibes and prefer darker tones and bold rich colors.

girl holding vintage camera while sitting on a stool looking away from camera

“The photographer (Sophia) was very patient and kind towards myself and my two sons.."

Family Session 2023