black and white photo of bride and groom in wedding suite at Edwards mansion in california.

Photographer in Fallbrook, Ca

Showcasing How Love Looks & Means to You

Love & Life photography

"Catching Joyful and Authentic  Memories"

Love & Life photographY

"Capturing Your Beautiful Moments in Love and Life"


hello, I'm Sophia.

Welcome to ISOPhia Photography! I am thrilled that you're interested in having me capture your beautiful moments.

My goal is simple - to freeze the laughter, joy, and togetherness so you can relive your favorite memories whenever you desire. I want to help you celebrate the relationships that shape you through images overflowing with nostalgia. Because life's beauty lies in the little moments.

I am here to showcase how love looks & means to you.

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Love & Life


Showcasing how love looks & means to you

My belief is that every person should be framed in the moments they’ve felt the most loved and cared for.

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Best of Zola 2023

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1 / 3

love letters

“Ahhhhhhhh I freaking love these pictures!!!!!!! AHHH

You did so amazing, thank you❤️❤️”

self love shoot, 2022

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“found her very professional and very to talk to, pleasant to work with. Very good with the children. I highly recommend her. A very good experience. Thank you!”

Salas Family
Portrait Session, 2023

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“...pending...sorry long text! Hey Sophia! I'm happy that you and Annaliese were apart of the celebration. Just saw the photos and they look amazing! You two did such an amazing job capturing the day. my wife fell in love with them just as much as i did. Thank you so much!”

Betty & Alex
wedding 2022
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