The Prado at Balboa Park:

This enchanting venue, The Prado, located amidst the lush gardens of Balboa Park with its stunning Spanish-Renaissance architecture, serves as a dreamy location for a wedding. A wedding here would feel like stepping back in time.

vintage interior of wedding layout of the prado in balboa park located in San Diego

Interior shot of the prado venue. Image source: Wedding Wire "The Prado," 2024.

The US Grant Hotel:

This historic hotel, established in 1910, boasts a blend of classic elegance and modern luxury. The timeless sophistication of this venue can add a touch of grandeur to any wedding.

soft cream colored wedding at US Grant hotel. Image source: Wedding Spot. "US Grant Hotel," 2024.

Botanic Garden at Encinitas:

For those who have a deep appreciation for nature, the Botanic Garden at Encinitas could be the perfect place for your big day. Its vibrant array of plants and flowers provides a captivating setting for a garden wedding.

San Diego Botanical Garden. Image source: Wedding wire. "Park & Outdoor Weddings - Encinitas, CA" 2024.

The Grand Del Mar:

This Mediterranean-style resort, The Grand Del Mar, is adorned with beautiful outdoor spaces and a grand ballroom, which can cater to both intimate and grand-scale weddings.

Grand Del Mar wedding. Image source: Cavin Elizabeth. "Our Grand Del Mar Wedding," 2024.

Hotel Del Coronado:

With its iconic red roof and beachfront location, the Hotel Del Coronado provides a picturesque backdrop for any wedding, where the ocean's tranquility can complement the celebration's joy.

Hotel Del Coronado. Image source: Studio Fleurish. "Wedding-hotel-del-coronado," 2024.

Brick SD:

Situated in the heart of Liberty Station, Brick SD offers an industrial chic setting for a modern and trendy wedding, providing a unique contrast to traditional venues.

Event Venue in San Diego. Image source: Brick 828 Venues. "Weddings," 2024.

La Valencia Hotel:

Known affectionately as "The Pink Lady," this hotel offers breathtaking ocean views and a romantic atmosphere that can enhance the charm of a beach wedding.

La Valencia weddings. Image source: La Valencia. "Wedding Gallerys," 2024.

Scripps Seaside Forum:

With its panoramic ocean views and sleek modern architecture, the Scripps Seaside Forum is the perfect venue for couples seeking a contemporary and natural aesthetic for their wedding.

Scripps Seaside Wedding, Image source: More Rentals. "scripps-seaside-look-book" 2024.

Darlington House:

This historic home in La Jolla offers a variety of beautiful spaces, both indoor and outdoor, making it a versatile venue that can cater to different wedding themes and sizes.

Romantic Darlington House Wedding, Image source: The Southern California Bride. "romantic-darlington-house-wedding.html," 2024.

Estancia La Jolla Hotel & Spa:

With its enchanting gardens and Spanish-style architecture, the Estancia La Jolla Hotel & Spa presents a stunning location for any wedding, where guests can also indulge in luxurious spa treatments.

Estancia La Jolla Hotel Spa Wedding Venue, Image source: Wedding Wire. "estancia-la-jolla-hotel-spa-la-jolla," 2024.